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In 1981, US Marketing Group, developed from warranty representation to New & Used automobile dealers. Since 1981, US Marketing Group, Inc. has endeavored to find the unique programs that aid dealers in maximizing their profitability. US Marketing Group, Inc. affiliations have been to represent companies like Xerox, Mercury Finance, AutoByTel, Harborside Acceptance, Goshen Fidelity, Argo Financial, Lake Financial, Omical, Security & Guarantee, Ameriguard, AutoWatch, Digital Designs, Windows for Wheels, CMT Technology, and ValuGuard. Years of experience have taught us a lot about Dealers Needs and the reliability of integrity that keeps our relationships strong and healthy. In 0ver twenty years, we have watched our friends grow profitable and strong in a changing marketplace and like to think that we contributed in at least some small memorable way. We have enjoyed our success and look forward to serving more dealers in the new millennium, and we hope you will join us in the future.

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